Collaborate seamlessly as a team in Shared Inboxes

Managing a team's email communication can often become a tangled web of forwarded messages, muddled responsibilities, and security concerns over shared passwords. Spark for Teams introduces Shared Inboxes for Desktop, a tool designed to streamline email collaboration and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Shared Inboxes are a way for teams to manage their email communication together. This tool allows multiple team members to access and collaborate on a single inbox, such as info@, sales@, or support@, simultaneously. You can assign emails to teammates as if they were tasks, set deadlines for responses, and track the progress of each email, all within a secure and centralized platform. 

With Shared Inboxes you can: 

  • Grant access without sharing passwords - shared inboxes eliminate the need to share inbox passwords, enhancing security while providing easy email access.
  • Assign emails like tasks - directly assign emails to team members or yourself, streamlining the task allocation process.
  • Set deadlines and track responsibilities - see who is responsible for what and ensure timely responses with set deadlines.
  • Monitor progress - keep tabs on which emails have been addressed and which still need attention.
  • Collaborate effectively - chat with teammates under specific emails to gain more context and craft the perfect reply together.

From customer support and sales teams to HR departments and IT support, Shared Inboxes cater to a wide range of applications. Whether managing customer inquiries, collaborating on sales strategies, or handling internal queries, Shared Inboxes streamline the process, making every team more effective.

By providing a centralized platform for team communication Shared Inboxes ensure that every message is accounted for, responsibilities are clear, and access is secure. In a world where team collaboration and efficient communication are key to success, use Shared Inboxes to level up team email management.

Try Shared Inboxes today with our free 14-day trial.

Shared Inboxes are exclusive to Gmail accounts and are available as part of Spark Premium for Teams (€6.99 per user / month - billed annually at €83.88 per year)

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