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Spark is reshaping the tools you need to focus, prioritize and organize your inbox. Build better email habits and nurture greater control over your workflow.

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Spark Features

Reclaim your focus

Focus on what's important, with tools designed to cut out distractions and allow you to dive into deep work.

Smart Inbox

Separates priority email from non-priority email

Unified Inbox

A unified inbox for multiple email accounts.

Smart Search

Filter email using natural language search.

Newsletters & Notifications

Bundles non-priority emails into separate folders.

Push Notifications

Manage emails from your homescreen.
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Filter out the noise

Take control of your inbox, with features designed to highlight priority contacts and tune out unwanted noise.


Accept or block incoming email accounts.

Priority Sender

Highlights priority senders for quick identification.

Group by Sender

Bundle emails from preferred senders for easy access.

Block Sender

Block unwanted senders in an instant.

Group Threads

Emails from the same thread remain together.


Pin important emails in a location of your choosing.

Mute Threads

Mute email threads that have lost relevance.
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Overall, Spark is a great effort that offers many useful features for those users who are trying to get more control over how they interact with email.

Scott T. Hards

Founder & Chairman of HobbyLink Japan, Inc.

Secure and private email

Spark guarantees security and data privacy. Your data is solely used for product optimization and is never shared with third parties. Data storage and encryption is secured through Google Cloud service. Learn more.

Refine your workflow

Build better work habits, with tools designed to allow greater control and customization of your workflow.

Done Marker

Moves completed email to an archive folder.

Set Aside

Set aside email for a more convenient time.

Command Center

Lists actions and quick keyboard shortcuts.


Set a time for an email to return to your inbox later.


Add a reminder to prompt you to follow up.

Send Later

Schedule a set time for your email to be delivered.


Categorize your inbox into descriptive groups.
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Work in collaboration

Collaborate with your team, with features designed to help you accomplish together.

Shared Inbox

Manage email and team roles under the same address.

Shared Draft

Compose email drafts together in real-time.


Assign tasks to colleagues and track their status.

Shared Inboxes, Assignments, and Shared Drafts are part of Spark 2 on Mac, iOS, and Android. Desktop version coming soon.

Create Team

Create a team to unlock advanced team functionality.

Team Comments

Turn email into chat with private comments.

Share Thread

Share specific emails and threads with team members.

Shared Templates

Create, use and share email templates with your team.
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Discover a new way of working

Smart. Focused. Email.