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How to prioritize emails in your inbox by marking them as important

Are you worried about missing important emails? You can manually choose to mark certain senders as Priority, so that emails from them will always stay at the top of your inbox, separate from the rest of the clutter.

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How to reduce email overload and avoid being overwhelmed by your inbox

Are you worried about missing important emails because there’s too much clutter in your inbox? Don’t work, Spark has your back. When you’re done working on an email, simply mark it as ‘Done’. Spark automatically archives it and removes it from your box, thereby reducing the clutter.

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Your questions answered: All-new Spark Desktop vs Spark 2 on Mac

We’ve been paying close attention to the feedback about the all-new Spark since our launch last week. It's clear that we didn't succeed at properly communicating several important topics to our existing loyal Spark 2 users.

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How to block unwanted emails from reaching your email inbox

Are you frustrated dealing with unwanted emails landing in your inbox? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control who gets to email you and who does not? Meet Gatekeeper — Spark’s newest feature that blocks unwanted emails, giving you a clutter-free inbox so you can focus on what’s important.

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Intuitive vs. Intentional productivity – the foundations of the new Spark

Alex Tyagulsky, the CPO and co-founder of Readdle, shares the vision behind the new Spark and explains the principles we used to ignite your productivity.

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