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Developing better email habits with Spark

The all-new Spark helps you spend less time handling your emails. Learn how to manage multiple accounts, prioritize important emails, and prevent distractions with Spark. Improve your productivity and focus with our intro to better email habits.

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Spark Android 13 update: New look and features for greater customization

Android 13 update offers greater customization and personalization by matching Spark to your phone wallpaper theme and color scheme. This is our first update dedicated to the release of Android 13 and all the new features which are supported.

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Spark introduces iOS updates: Lock Screen Widgets & Stage Manager

The latest Spark update, now available on the App Store, introduces support for some nifty Lock Screen widgets for iPhones and Stage Manager for iPad. Choose from a variety of widgets and check your emails in a glance, and scroll through multiple screens with ease.

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How to prioritize emails in your inbox by marking them as important

Are you worried about missing important emails? You can manually choose to mark certain senders as Priority, so that emails from them will always stay at the top of your inbox, separate from the rest of the clutter.

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How to reduce email overload and avoid being overwhelmed by your inbox

Are you worried about missing important emails because there’s too much clutter in your inbox? Don’t work, Spark has your back. When you’re done working on an email, simply mark it as ‘Done’. Spark automatically archives it and removes it from your box, thereby reducing the clutter.

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