Meet the AI-powered email assistant that helps you craft the perfect email in seconds. Rephrase, correct grammar, adjust tone, and more.

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Write fast, with confidence and style

Your email productivity, supercharged

We believe technology should work for you. Use Compose for effortless drafting, Reply for quick AI-powered replies, and Edit to perfect the tone and style of your email.


Let Spark +AI draft emails for you. Just give it the context you need.


Generate responses in seconds with quick +AI reply options.


Proofread, adjust the tone, rephrase, expand or shorten the text, and more.

Stay in control of your email

Private by design

Your email content and +AI requests are private and never used to train the system.

You are in control

+AI helps you to create drafts, you will always be able to review and edit before sending.

Ready to use now

+AI is included in Spark Premium as a monthly quota, which will cover most of your usage needs.


What is Spark +AI?

Spark +AI is a set of tools, available as a part of Spark Premium, designed to speed up and simplify your work with emails, by generating and editing emails using AI. In a nutshell it can help you generate email responses or new emails faster.

What are the current functions available with +AI?

Compose new emails: give +AI a prompt of what you want to write, and it generates you an email draft, which you can review, edit and send.
Quick reply option: quick AI reply buttons like interested, not interested, thanks which you can click to generate a quick reply draft for you to review.
Rephrase: redrafts your email to get a slightly different message, with the option to include additional context
Shorten and expand: adjusts the length of your email
Adjust tone: choose between a formal or friendly tone
Proofread: fix grammar and spelling errors

On which platforms +AI is available?

This feature is available in Spark 3 on Desktop, iOS and Android.

Is there a free trial for +AI?

You can try Spark +AI for free during the 7-day trial for the Spark Premium subscription.

How do I best use +AI?

We advise plain language to describe what you want to write in your email or add additional context, which should be in your response. For example, your prompts can look like this:

For sales and intro emails, follow-up emails your prompts could be:
“Write an intro email to Bob and suggest setting up a call at 10 am tomorrow”
“Make an intro to Robert”
“Write a follow-up email on the meeting - thank everyone for participation”

Just describe additional context for +AI and it will generate the best response draft for you.

How does +AI generate responses?

Spark uses OpenAI GPT integration for +AI. GPT is an artificial intelligence language model that can understand and generate human-like language. Think of it like having a personal assistant who can understand natural language and help you with your communications. It can also help you with tasks like proofreading, etc.

Is +AI secure?

Your data is encrypted and private. Your email content and requests you make to Spark +AI are private and secured via https encryption. Following our standard data protection practices - we embed the latest data security standards, improve our awareness of privacy matters, and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and other privacy laws.

Spark will not use your data to train our or partners’ models. The prompts you make to Spark +AI and the content of emails will be shared with our partners (OpenAI) for the sole purpose of providing you with the AI text generation. We do not use your data to train our or our partners models.

You’re in control. +AI helps you to create the drafts, you can always review and edit them before sending. For information specific to Spark +AI, see our updated Privacy Policy.

Can I disable +AI?

By default the feature is disabled. If you enable it to test for some time you can disable it anytime in your Settings:
Desktop: Settings -> Composer -> Spark +AI.
iOS and Android: Settings -> Spark +AI

Can I customize +AI to suit my needs?

Yes, you can customize the feature in the Settings -> Composer -> Spark +AI to choose the preferable tone of voice and text length for emails (on Desktop). On iOS and android, you can go to Settings -> Spark +AI. The +AI settings between devices are not synced, allowing you to have different feature customization on phone and computer.

Does +AI cost extra?

+AI is provided as part of Spark’s Premium subscription with a certain monthly quota, which will cover most of your usage needs to generate emails, replies or edit your drafts. As you use +AI your monthly quota will be depleted, and if it runs out you can either wait for the next month to be automatically refilled, or buy an add-on. We will warn you when you go down to 10% of your quota so that you can keep an eye on your usage, however we anticipate most users won’t need to recharge their balance at all.

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