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Spark plans and features

Spark is Free to get started.

Feature comparison

Free Access

Find more focus with organized email for individual and basic team needs.
/ month billed annually
Free download
Best value

Premium Individual

Focus on what's important, with tools that reduce distractions and highlight priority email.
/ month billed annually
$59.99 per year
7-day free trial

Premium Teams

Collaborate as a Team from one inbox, tracking and composing email together in real-time.
per user / month billed annually
$83.88 per year
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Spark +AI

Compose +AI

+AI Summary

+AI Templates


Priority Email

Gatekeeper & Block Sender

Group by Sender

Mute Threads (Android / iOS)


Home Screen for Desktop

Unified Inbox

Sync between devices

Smart Inbox

Smart notifications

Smart search


Mark as Done

Set Aside


Send Later


Command Center for Desktop


Create Team and Comments

Shared Inboxes (Gmail only)

Team Administration

Team File Storage

Shared Drafts

Shared Templates


Shared Threads


Email sharing with a secure link

No team roles
5 GB total for team
2 free active collaborators
5 free templates per team
10 assignments per team
Standard link sharing
No team roles
5 GB total for team
2 free active collaborators
5 free templates per team
10 assignments per team
Advanced link sharing
Gmail only
Team roles and administration
10 GB total for team member
unlimited collaborators
unlimited templates
Unlimited assignments
Advanced link sharing


Dark Mode

Quick Replies* (iOS only)

Calendars* (iOS, macOS, Windows only)

Print emails

Large attachments* (Android / iOS)

Remove 'Sent with Spark'


Standard support
Premium support
Premium support

*Please be aware that during its current development phase, Spark is working toward feature parity between platforms.

Therefore, the user experience of Spark via macOS, Windows, iOS or Android may vary.

**For existing Spark users - all free features you had remain free on the new version of Spark.


How long is a free trial for Spark Premium? Can I extend or reschedule it?

At the moment the trial for Spark Premium is 7 days, but don’t hesitate to drop a line to our support team in case you need to prolong it or change the starting day.

How do I manage my Spark Individual subscription?

Please go to your app Settings -> Spark Account -> Click on the “Manage” button near “Spark Premium”.

How do I manage my Spark Team subscription?

1. Click Spark at the top left of your screen.
2. Go to Settings
3. Select Teams.
4. Choose a team and click Manage Team.
5. You will be directed to the Team Preferences page which allows you to manage your team. Click Billing at the top.

Do you have a one-time purchase option instead of the subscription?

No, we don’t have a one-time purchase option.

If I purchased a subscription on iOS, will it work cross-platform?

Spark Premium unlocks Premium features on all the devices where you use Spark. E.g. if you bought your subscription on iOS, it will be valid for Windows, Mac and Android devices that have Spark installed.

Why did you decide to create an individual subscription?

You can still use all essential Spark features for free. By introducing an Individual subscription for our advanced focus-enhancing features we can ensure that we are constantly evolving the highest-quality product.

What is the difference between Teams and Individual Premium?

Teams subscription includes Individual Premium, so you get all possible features unlocked

I don’t want to pay for an email client. Can I use Spark for free?

Core Spark features are still free for the new users. For existing users - all the features that were free before, continue to be free. We are focused on building a product that will meet email needs and save time for users with powerful innovative capabilities. To make this possible, we have introduced individual premium subscriptions for a select range of new focus-enhancing tools that take productivity to the next level.

Can I revert to the old Spark?

Mac: Indeed, the Original Spark can be installed from the Mac App Store and be used with the Spark Desktop simultaneously.
iOS/Android: There is no way to downgrade Spark to the previous version. However, you still have the same features as before for free and get new premium ones on top of that. In addition, you can switch to the old Smart inbox or Classic view anytime if you like them more in Spark Settings.

What subscription plans do you offer and how can I purchase them?

At Spark, we offer both monthly and annual subscription plans to accommodate your preferences and budgeting needs. If you’re interested in purchasing a monthly plan, you can easily do so by visiting our pricing page at or directly through the Spark app. For those choosing the annual plan, we display the cost equivalent on a monthly basis to help you understand the value you’re getting. This approach allows you to compare costs effectively and decide which plan suits your needs best, whether you prefer monthly flexibility or annual savings.