Spark Email for Windows

The best email client for Windows - bringing Spark to 1.4 billion Windows users worldwide. Whether individually or as a team, discover a new way of working across all your devices.

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Spark Email for Windows

Discover deeper focus at work

Overcome the challenges of communication overload, whether working in an office, remotely or hybrid. Spark’s powerful features empower you to reclaim your focus, leaving you with more time for the things that matter the most.

Home Screen

Build better email habits and check new emails at a glance without entering your inbox.

Smart Inbox

Separates priority email from non-priority email, so that you can focus on what’s important.

News & Notifications

Bundles non-priority emails into separate folders for a more convenient time.
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A new home for email

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Smart. Focused. Email.

Master your inbox

Spark intelligently sorts priority email from non-priority email, giving your clear insight into what’s important. The rest is stored neatly away for a time that’s convenient for you, with countless customizable features to organize your inbox, your way.

Priority & Pin

Highlight and pin priority email at the top of your inbox for quick identification.


Screens incoming email allowing you to accept or block unknown accounts.

Command Center

A handy pop-up that lists inbox actions and their associated keyboard shortcuts.
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I must say that the new Spark is one of the most beautiful apps I've used, ever! It just looks fantastic. Command center is amazing, it always makes life easier.

Ivan Almasi

Owner & Developer

Spark collaboration

Remote and hybrid working presents challenges when it comes to achieving as a team. Spark makes collaboration as easy and rewarding as possible, with tools that keep your team communicating and connected.

Create Team

Create a team to collaborate on email. Compose, comment and share, to get work done faster together.

Team Comments

Chat privately in email threads with team comments. Keep your communications in one place and get the context you need.

Share Threads

Get on the same page by sharing specific emails team members. Escalate client queries and connect important threads.
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Secure and private email

Spark guarantees security and data privacy. Your data is solely used for product optimization and is never shared with third parties. Data storage and encryption is secured through Google Cloud service. Learn more.

Built for Windows

Spark Desktop for Windows provides a clean, simple and fast email experience for Windows 10 RedStone 4 and higher.

Smart. Focused. Email.

Discover more features designed to help you focus on what's important

Send Later

Schedule a time for your email to be delivered.


Set a time for an email to return to your inbox later.


Add a reminder to prompt you to follow up.

Mute threads

Mute threads that are 
no longer relevant.
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Discover a new way of working

Smart. Focused. Email.