Newsletters & Notifications

Non-priority email intelligently filtered into separate folders.

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Newsletters & Notifications

Automatic organization

Spark bundles all emails from Newsletter & Notification senders into two expandable folders - so they don’t take up too much space and are easier to find.

Master your inbox

Take collaboration to new heights with a transformative experience for your team. Get the context you need, keep your team communications aligned and work quickly together in real-time.

Smart. Focused. Email.

Reduced Notifications

Popups only contain information about priority emails - mark as read directly from the push notification, delete it or make a quick reply, without going to your inbox.

Secure and private email

Spark guarantees security and data privacy. Your data is solely used for product optimization and is never shared with third parties. Data storage and encryption is secured through Google Cloud service. Learn more.

Spark productivity with focused features

Our core features are designed to heighten your focus and allow you to create customized workflows that suit your needs. Truly master your inbox and get the most out of your day.

Priority emails

Highlighted so that you never miss an important message


Screen and block emails from unnknown senders

Group by Sender

Bundle emails from preferred senders for easy access

Mute threads

Mute threads that are no longer relevant
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Achieve beyond your inbox

Smart. Focused. Email.