Introducing Shared Drafts and Delegations - Spark for Teams

As part of our promise to bring tools from Spark Classic to Spark for Teams, we’re introducing two new tools for Desktop: Shared Drafts and Delegations, each designed to enhance collaboration and streamline your communications as a team. 

Imagine being able to draft and edit an email with your team in real-time, using a side-chat to talk to colleagues, ask questions and give feedback about the email to craft the perfect message. With Shared Drafts, multiple team members can work on a single email draft, significantly reducing the chance of errors and ensuring consistency in tone and message. 

Delegations transforms how you manage email communication within your team. This tool allows you to assign an email to a teammate directly without forwarding or giving full inbox access. You can set deadlines, track the task's status, and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Work together in real-time with Shared Drafts

Shared Drafts is limited to one free collaborator, so grab Spark for Teams subscription if more collaborators are needed. Shared Drafts has a handy status bar that shows the number of people editing and each collaborator's contributions are marked by their cursors. Shared Drafts also appear in a dedicated folder in your inbox for quick identification and allows a teammate to send an email on your behalf.

It's particularly useful in scenarios like onboarding new staff, coordinating projects, and getting company communications just right. Shared Drafts ensure that all relevant information is included and that the message is coherent and well-structured.

Assign and track emails with Delegations

You can assign 10 active delegations for free or get unlimited access with a Spark for Teams subscription. With Delegations, you can assign responsibility for an email without sharing your whole inbox and privately discuss tasks within the email thread. You can set and track deadlines and even leave individual reminders on delegated messages.

This is ideal for busy teams to delegate responsibility and track the progress of emails. Whether it's a CEO delegating partnership correspondence or a manager assigning client responses to junior operatives, Delegations provide a clear and accountable way to manage email tasks.

Transform your team's communication with Spark for Teams. Shared Drafts and Delegations are now available on Desktop, offering the control and efficiency needed for effective team collaboration. Try these tools today and write better emails faster.

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