How to ask for a raise via email

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How to ask for a raise via email

With many of us working remotely or in hybrid models, figuring out how to ask for a raise via email has become more relevant than ever. Sending that "asking for a raise email" can be nerve-wracking. However, with the right strategy, you can craft a compelling and professional request. 

Understand why you’re asking for a raise

Before even considering how to write an email asking for a raise, reflect on your accomplishments, responsibilities, average statistics on wage rise and inflation, and the performance of the company. Any market research you've conducted on average salaries for your role is valuable for this conversation.

Crafting your request: How to ask for a raise via email

Choose the right time

When you're ready to ask for a raise via email, timing is key. Ideally, after a successful project completion or during performance review periods would be the most opportune. Consider using phrases like "I'd like to discuss my compensation" or "I'd appreciate some time to talk about my salary" to initiate the conversation.

Highlight your achievements

It's essential to showcase your accomplishments and contributions to the company. Mention specific projects, achievements, or additional responsibilities you've taken on. Use phrases like "Over the past year, I have successfully..." or "I have consistently exceeded my targets, such as..."

Research salary benchmarks

Demonstrate that your request is reasonable by referencing industry salary benchmarks or internal pay scales. You can say, "I have researched industry standards and found that my current salary is below the average for someone in my position."

Be open

Indicate the percentage or amount you're asking for, but be willing to have an open conversation to explore the balance between your needs and the company's performance and budget. 

Request a meeting

End your email by suggesting a meeting to discuss your request further. Use phrases like "Could we schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience?" or "I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this in person."


If you don't receive a response within a week, consider sending a polite follow-up email asking for a raise discussion. However, ensure you maintain a professional and patient tone throughout.

Prepare for the discussion

Once you've sent the email requesting a raise, be ready to discuss your request verbally. Your manager might prefer a face-to-face or virtual conversation to understand better and negotiate.

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