Labels for Desktop: sort and find emails faster

Labels are personalized, color-coded tags that you can assign to your emails. Available for Gmail accounts only, they serve as an extra layer of organization to help you find your emails faster. Labels seamlessly integrates so that when you label an email, a folder with the same name is created in the sidebar, providing easy access to all emails under that label.

You can also color code and assign multiple labels to a single email. This allows you to organize emails under various categories simultaneously, and visually distinguish different emails in your inbox. Imagine a world where every email is not just a drop in the ocean, but the important stuff is tagged and color-coded in your inbox.

Organize your inbox  

For management roles Labels are a great asset for effective organization. With Labels you can categorize your emails such as Pending or To-Do, or develop a prioritization system using labels such as High Priority or Follow-Up. Or you might use labels for project management, creating labels to identify Projects or Clients for tracking emails related to different stages.

Take a look at a few examples of Labels from Business and Management users:

For other professionals and casual users, Labels is great for customization and quick retrieval of emails. You can customize your email organization according to your personal needs and preferences. With Labels you can quickly locate all emails related to a specific topic or project by simply clicking on the associated label.

Take a look at a few examples of Labels from Professional and Casual users:

With Labels, Gmail users can now sort and find emails faster using personalized, color-coded categories and sync these settings across all devices. Whether you're identifying projects, flagging urgent emails, or managing daily tasks, Labels enhances your productivity and offers a visually distinct way to navigate your digital communication. Get ready to experience a more focused and efficient email management system. 

Check out our Help Center article for tips on adding and using Labels. 

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