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Spark Introduces Shared Inboxes for Teams to Better Collaborate on Email

Shared Inboxes in Spark enable you to share access to common email accounts such as info@ sales@ or support@ simultaneously with your team members. Spark enables better collaboration within a team by giving them the tools they need to work with email more effectively. Here’s how Spark’s new Shared Inboxes feature can help your team work together on a common email account.

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How to Change the Default Email App on iOS 14

After ten years and fourteen major releases, Apple has finally allowed third-party apps to be set as default email apps on iPhone and iPad. Here's a simple guide that explains how to change the default email app iOS 14.

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Spark for Android ermöglicht es, die Schriftgröße zu ändern, mit Emojis zu reagieren und Anhänge besser zu verwalten

Mit dem heutigen Update können Sie die Schriftgröße für Spark ändern, mit Emojis auf Mails Ihres Teams reagieren und bei Anhängen etwas Arbeit sparen.

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Swift on Windows: Readdle's Experience and Tools

While we're building Spark for Windows, we'd love to share our experience and practical insights in Swift on Windows to demonstrate possible starting points, real use cases, and capabilities of Swift, as well as to inspire others to do their best with the tools we used.

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How to Organize Your Gmail Inbox — The Ultimate Guide

If your Gmail Inbox is a cluttered mess of unnecessary emails that are affecting your focus & productivity, here's our ultimate guide to help you clean up the mess in an overflowing email account and better organize your Gmail Inbox.

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