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Why do I always return to Spark?

Sophie, a nutrition coach, talks about how she unravels the tangled mess of incoming and outgoing emails with all those questions and replies and keeps in touch with her customers for real with the help of Spark.

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How you can help Ukraine right now

Many of our customers and partners asked how they can help Ukraine fight back and stop the aggressor. Here are the things you can do from anywhere in the world.

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Spark Introduces Shared Inboxes for Teams to Better Collaborate on Email

Shared Inboxes in Spark enable you to share access to common email accounts such as info@ sales@ or support@ simultaneously with your team members. Spark enables better collaboration within a team by giving them the tools they need to work with email more effectively. Here’s how Spark’s new Shared Inboxes feature can help your team work together on a common email account.

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How to Change the Default Email App on iOS 14

After ten years and fourteen major releases, Apple has finally allowed third-party apps to be set as default email apps on iPhone and iPad. Here's a simple guide that explains how to change the default email app iOS 14.

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Spark for Android Now Lets you Change the Font Size, Brings Emoji Reactions and a Better Way to Attach Files

With today's update, you can make emails easier to read, resize images before sending, and bring some fun to your team communications.

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