Introducing the all-new Spark, a new approach to productivity and email

TL;DR. The new Spark brings a new productivity philosophy, an updated experience, a set of powerful new tools, and a much-awaited Windows version.

We live in an age of information overload, faced with an overwhelming amount of information and demands for our time and attention. With more "valuable" information available to us than we can process in a thousand lifetimes, the pressure to constantly "do more" or "learn more" can lead to chronic stress, burnout, and health issues. The problem is not just the abundance of information, but also that we have more "wants" and "needs" than we have the capacity to fulfil.

To do any meaningful work, we need periods of uninterrupted focus time. We must proactively limit distractions and prioritize periods of focus time in order to achieve our goals. Intentional decisions require more effort, yet lead to better outcomes. A new approach to productivity and managing email is needed.

The new Spark and intentional productivity

Spark is more than an email application with a few new features. It's a new philosophy to help users improve their focus and prioritization, and become more organized. Spark is built around intentional productivity – a new approach to working and communicating based on the four core principles outlined below.

Unlike existing productivity tools, Spark helps you adopt intentional new workflows with fewer distractions, greater control, and improved focus.

Read an article from Alex, a Readdle co-founder, to learn more about our vision behind Spark.

New tools to achieve beyond your inbox

Armed with the principles of intentional productivity, Spark brings a set of powerful new features designed to help you cut out unwanted distractions and dive into deep work.

New Smart Inbox

Smart Inbox shows emails from real people at the top, while newsletters and notifications are grouped below. This helps you focus on important emails, removing clutter from your inbox. Spark also lets you connect multiple email accounts and manage them all in a unified inbox.

Priority Email

Never miss an email from important senders by marking them as Priority. Messages from your priority contacts stay at the top of your inbox, highlighted for quick identification.

Mark as Done 

Treat emails like tasks and mark them as done once the work is complete. Spark removes “done” emails from your inbox and presents a beautiful reward for achieving inbox zero. Keeping your inbox clean helps you reduce the mental load and focus on what’s important.

Set Aside

There are emails you may want to deal with later – like a newsletter to read on the weekend or a message you can’t answer immediately. Set them aside for a more convenient time and reclaim your focus for the things that matter now. 

Command Center

Act on your emails faster than ever with the Сommand Сenter. Think of it as a hub with shortcuts to all the actions Spark has to offer. Press Cmd+K or Ctrl+K to access the Command Center and breeze through your emails.

Home Screen

Home Screen helps reduce the number of times you open email throughout the day and encourages better email habits. To reduce stress and distractions and boost productivity, you can compose and engage with priority emails without entering your inbox.


Pre-screen new senders and decide who is allowed to email you. You can easily block unwanted senders to save time and mental energy on dealing with their emails.

Group by Sender

Getting too many emails from a specific sender? Group them together to declutter your inbox and mark them as done with a single click.

Mute threads

Remove yourself quietly from ongoing conversations by muting a thread that’s no longer relevant. It’s perfect for long email chains where you were CC’ed or BCC’ed.

Large email attachments

Send attachments larger than 25 MB directly through Spark. A recipient will get a secure link to download your file.

Spark is now on Windows

Windows has 1.4 billion users worldwide, including many business users. Now people who use Windows can focus on what's important and enhance their productivity with Spark. Get Spark for Windows now.

Besides Windows, Spark is available for download via the iOS App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, for desktop via our website. 

Please be aware that Spark is working hard towards feature parity between platforms and the experience across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows may vary. The previous version of Spark for Mac is still available in the Mac App Store and can be used simultaneously with the new version.

New pricing

Many of Spark’s tools are free for all users and are available on desktop (Windows and macOS), iOS, and Android. Existing customers retain the features they had before for free.

Readdle invites new and existing users to try Spark’s Premium focus-enhancing features for free through a no-commitment seven-day trial:

  • New individual users for $4.99 per month with an annual subscription ($59.99) or $7.99 per month with a monthly subscription.
  • Existing individual users enjoy a lifetime discount of 30% on annual subscriptions, bringing the fee from $59.99 to $41.99 ($3.49 per month). Monthly access is priced at $7.99.

See the full list of free and Premium features. 

Spark for Teams

Spark also has special tools designed for smooth team collaboration:

  • Create teams to work together towards your goals
  • Private chat for discussing email threads and resolving queries together
  • Team administration to allocate owner, admin, and member roles.
  • Shared inbox to manage email and team roles under the same address (currently available on iOS and Android).
  • Shared drafts for teams to compose emails together in real-time (currently available on iOS and Android).

Spark for teams is priced at $9.99 per user per month or $83.88 per user per year. The new features are included in team subscriptions at no extra cost.

Download Spark for free →

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