Introducing the new Spark, your email reimagined

TL;DR. The new Spark brings a new productivity philosophy, an updated experience, a set of powerful new tools, and a much-awaited Windows version.

What is the new Spark? 

Our mission at Spark has always been to make you love your email experience - we started by making email smart, then improved team collaboration - and now we’ve tackled information overload to make email focused. The new Spark is not just an upgrade, but email reimagined.

  • A new way of working with email: Spark brings all your emails into a single, unified inbox, allowing for a seamless transition between accounts. Personalize Spark to suit your workflow and discover an email client that adapts to you, not the other way around.
  • Designed to filter out the noise: In a world overflowing with distractions, Spark can filter out unnecessary noise and reduce the need for constant context switching. The result? A more productive you, with energy for the parts of your life that truly matter.
  • Achieve Inbox Zero: At the heart of the Spark is the philosophy of Inbox Zero, a proactive approach that doesn't just aim to reduce your email count to zero, but to minimize the stress and clutter that come with a crowded inbox.

The new Spark is our commitment to a smarter, more focused, and less stressful communication experience. So why wait to redefine your email workflow? The new Spark is here, and it's time to embrace the future of email.

Now is the time to upgrade from Spark Classic

We invite you to join us in this new chapter of email. Since launching our Spark Beta we've listened intently to the community and have incorporated your favorite tools from Spark Classic and meticulously refined the new Spark to align with your needs and preferences:

  • Expanded Sidebar: Your navigation experience is more fluid and faster than ever with the expanded sidebar. Quickly glide through your inboxes and mail folders, finding exactly what you need in moments.
  • Split View: The popular demand for multitasking has been answered with the split view feature. This is for those who juggle multiple tasks and need to reference different emails simultaneously.
  • Swipes for Desktop: Tailor your swipe actions to fit how you work, turning repetitive email tasks into a gesture of simplicity.
  • Integrations: Allowing Spark to work in harmony with other apps. Integrate with your favorite tools, creating a cohesive and interconnected workflow.

Our promise of improvement is ongoing, with the development of Labels, Multiple Windows, Calendars, and Team tools in full swing.

Get more out of email with Spark Premium

Our commitment to accessibility and trust is a pledge from Spark to its users. So while we have introduced a Premium subscription, most of our tools remain free to use, as we believe achieving Inbox Zero should be for everyone. 

Free tools: a foundation for Inbox Zero

  • Updated Smart Inbox: Dive into an intelligent inbox where emails are sorted into meaningful categories; your newsletters and notifications are now organized effortlessly.
  • Active Inbox Zero Approach: Embrace the satisfaction of a clean inbox with 'Mark as Done' and 'Set Aside' features, transforming the way you approach email management.
  • Command Center: Quick access to all of Spark’s tools and actions ensures that you're always at the helm, ready to navigate quickly and efficiently.

Premium tools: spend less time sorting email

  • Home Screen: An email dashboard, allows you to check new emails at a glance and plan your email schedule.
  • Priority Email: Highlights your most important emails to ensure that your focus is exactly where it needs to be.
  • Gatekeeper: You have the power to decide who makes it to your inbox with Gatekeeper. Accept invitations from new senders or block unwanted emailers.
  • +AI: Like having an assistant dedicated to your email, +AI provides summaries of your email threads, speeds up drafting by offering smart suggestions, and learns from your habits to deliver polished, professional communications.

Take email to the next level with Spark +AI

Spark has always been at the forefront of email innovation, and with Spark +AI we were amongst the first email applications to explore the new horizons of AI. These tools have quickly become the most popular addition enjoyed by our members and reduce the time spent on their email routine.

  • +AI Summary: In a world overflowing with information, +AI Summary distills lengthy threads and complex messages into digestible insights. With the ability to quickly highlight key information, action items, and essential points, this tool ensures that you absorb the important content without the overload.
  • +AI Composer: Understands your voice, anticipates your needs, and helps you compose emails with unprecedented speed and precision. This tool is not just about writing emails; it's about crafting messages that resonate. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to a fluid, frictionless writing experience that keeps you moving forward.
  • +AI Templates: Repetitive emailing can drain your time and creative resources. Now you can draft once, and have at template that can be reused and customized for various contexts. +AI allows these templates to be filled or altered based on your conversation history.

By supercharging your email productivity, Spark +AI is an indispensable tool in your professional arsenal. Giving you the power to master your inbox and elevate your communication game to new heights.

Don't just take our word for it! 

We know change is hard, but loyal Spark users are shifting to the new Spark. Need more convincing? To learn more about our vision behind Spark read an article from Alex, a Readdle co-founder. Or check out some of the testimonials of users who have switched from Classic to the new Spark. 

New pricing

Many of Spark’s tools are free for all users and are available on desktop (Windows and macOS), iOS, and Android. Existing customers retain Spark Classic tools they are used to for free.

Readdle invites new and existing users to try Spark’s Premium focus-enhancing features for free through a no-commitment seven-day trial:

  • New individual users for $4.99 per month with an annual subscription ($59.99) or $7.99 per month with a monthly subscription.

See the full list of free and Premium features. If you were a Spark Classic user before October 4, 2022 then rest assured that you keep all the tools you used for free in the new Spark.

Spark for Teams

Spark also has special tools designed for smooth team collaboration:

  • Create teams to work together towards your goals
  • Private chat for discussing email threads and resolving queries together
  • Team administration to allocate owner, admin, and member roles.
  • Shared inbox to manage email and team roles under the same address (currently available on iOS and Android).
  • Shared drafts for teams to compose emails together in real-time (currently available on iOS and Android).

Spark for teams is priced at $9.99 per user per month or $83.88 per user per year. The new features are included in team subscriptions at no extra cost.

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