After weeks of trying to find a job, you have finally come across a listing that is suitable for your skills & experience. Now, you’ll have to go through the daunting process of applying for that job. Your email cover letter is the most crucial aspect of your application and is what decides whether or not your application is considered by the recruiter. Having a great cover letter could mean getting one of the first calls from a recruiter to schedule an interview, and similarly, writing a bad email cover letter could mean getting rejected even before the hiring manager looks at your impressive resumé.

What is an Email Cover Letter?

An “email cover letter” is nothing but the content that you write in the body of your job application email. The email cover letter tells the hiring manager about you, your qualifications, your motivation behind applying for the position, etc. It is the first view of you that the recruiter gets, so making sure that your email cover letter is impressive and to the point is a no-brainer. An email cover letter should manage to convince the recruiter to open any attachments with your email, such as your Resumé.

Email Cover Letter Templates

Writing an email cover letter isn’t an easy task for everyone, so here on this page, we’ll tell you the important tips to remember and also provide a free email cover letter sample that you can use to apply for a job.

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First, let us take a look at the things to remember when writing any email cover letter and learn how to write a good one:

How to Write an Email Cover Letter

  1. Write a Good Email Subject — The email subject of your application email is what the recruiter is going to read first, and make sure that your subject tells them about all the relevant information. Mention your name and the job you’re applying for. If the job listing has specific instructions for the subject line, like a reference code, mention that too.
  2. Use a Professional Email Address — Avoid using email addresses that you thought were “cool” sounding when you created them, such as and instead, get yourself a professional email address that is a combination of your first and last name.
  3. Make it Formal & To-the-Point — Your email cover letter must be short, concise and to the point. Mention only the important and relevant information, without going too deep into long-winded explanations or off-topic paragraphs. 
  4. Use Appropriate & Relevant Signature — End your email cover letter with a signature that mentions your name, complete address, phone number and your LinkedIn profile URL if you have one.
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Email Cover Letter Sample

Here is a simple Email Cover Letter format that you can edit and use when applying for a job.

Subject: [Your Name][Job Position]

Hello [...],

I was delighted to find the job listing for the position of the [Position Name] at [Company Name] listed on [Job Portal] website.

As a [your profile] with over [X] years of experience, the role and the responsibilities listed in the job description are right up my alley and I believe I am a good fit for the position.

I have been employed as a [last designation] at [Current Company Name] for the last [X] years and have extensive experience working on [tasks or projects]. I have compressive knowledge and technical understanding of [unique requirements of the job] and sincerely believe that I can help your company grow.

I have attached my resume and qualifications for your perusal and will be glad to share any further details you may require.

I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.

Thank you.


[Full Name]
[Complete Address]

[List of attachments]

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