Spark for Android Now Lets you Change the Font Size, Brings Emoji Reactions and a Better Way to Attach Files

With today’s update, you can change the font size of Spark, react to Team emails with emojis, and enjoy a better way to attach files.

Update Spark on Google Play, and let’s dive in!

Change the app font size

You can now change the font size of Spark’s UI to personalize your experience. Many of you requested larger fonts to make emails and the app menus easier to read. Alternatively, you may want to make the font smaller to fit more content on the screen and avoid extra scrolling. Whatever you prefer, Spark now adapts to your needs.

To change the font size, open the Settings app on your phone, select Accessibility > Font size, and pick the desired option. Spark will adjust automatically. Please note that the location of these settings may vary on different devices.

Attach images faster and resize them before sending

Adding email attachments has become a lot easier with the new Spark. When you tap the paper clip iconPaper clip icon, Spark shows a preview of your recent images to help you pick the desired file faster. 

Let’s say you’ve selected a bunch of photos to share with a friend, but at the very last moment, the app warns you the message is too large for sending. This can be frustrating, as you either need to send those files via multiple emails or upload them all to cloud storage. Fortunately, Spark can save you a ton of time.

Once you attach the images, you’ll see their total size and can compress them right in Spark. In this way, all your photos will fit into the email, so you can quickly share them with anyone.

React to emails with emojis 😍

Spark for Teams users can now add emoji reactions to the shared emails and comments. Leave ✔ under an email to confirm that you’ve read it. Give your teammate a thumbs up on their new idea. Or just add a heavy plus sign under someone’s comment to agree with them.

Simply tap an emoji icon under an email pick the desired reaction. To add a reaction to a team comment, long tap on it and select the emoji you wish. This can help you save time on simple replies and spice up your team communications.

Our team is always eager to hear your feedback, so make sure to share your thoughts in the comments or talk to @SparkMailApp on Twitter.

Download Spark for free and love your email again!

Maria Henyk Maria Henyk

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