+AI Templates: draft once and reuse anytime

When it comes to emails we send often, composing the same message repeatedly or copying from past emails can get monotonous. With +AI Templates you can draft email templates faster (including placeholders for names, numbers, etc) and then easily edit and reuse them for future communications. What's more, when replying to emails, +AI will automatically fill in template placeholders based on the context of the email provided. Discover tips on how to use +AI Templates from the +AI Templates Help Center article.

Draft. Save. Reuse.

Spark simplifies the entire process with +AI Templates, saving time and allowing you to communicate with confidence. Say goodbye to repetitive typing or copying from old emails. Your templates are saved and synced across all your devices, ensuring accessibility and consistency wherever you go. 

Job seekers might use +AI Templates to provide tailored information for each recruiter or application by using cover letter templates with slight modifications. Or support specialists dealing with frequent client inquiries can quickly respond en masse, saving time and effort. So whether you're a job seeker, support specialist, or financial advisor, +AI Templates is the ideal tool for efficient communication en masse. 

Save time and collaborate

You can save time by streamlining your mass communications and eliminating the need to copy and paste from old emails. The +AI tool can quickly find the best wording for prepared templates or assist in filling in responses based on the context of replies you receive. Ultimately this leads to stress reduction, relieving the pressure of composing emails from scratch and making the process efficient and hassle-free.

Templates are also great for team collaboration and synchronization. Your templates are securely stored and synced across all your devices within Spark, providing accessibility and consistency. You can seamlessly share your templates with teammates, fostering consistent communication and improving teamwork.

Experience the power of +AI Templates and revolutionize your email productivity today. Try out +AI Templates with a 7-day free trial →

- AI+ Templates is available as an update for all platforms. For iOS and Android, users will find Templates have been updated to include +AI. On Desktop, +AI Templates is a brand-new feature.
- If you are an existing Spark 2 user - all free features you had in Spark 2 (including Templates) remain free on the new version of Spark.

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