Why Spark Classic users are using the new Spark

The new Spark is our commitment to a smarter, more focused, and less stressful email experience. It starts by integrating all your emails into a single, unified inbox for effortless management of all your email accounts. The Smart Inbox 2.0 is now designed to filter out distractions and focus on priority email, with the intention of reducing context switching to facilitate a more productive you.

Central to Spark's philosophy is an active approach to reaching Inbox Zero, which helps alleviate inbox stress by going beyond just reducing your email count. We’ve also listened to our users' feedback since our Beta release and prioritized tools that allow personalization of individual workflows, meaning Spark adapts to the user's preferences. 

So why wait to reimagine your email workflow? The new Spark is here, and it's time to embrace the future of email. Don’t just take our word for it - see what users who have switched from Spark Classic to the new Spark have to say: 

Finding your Focus

The value of the new Smart Inbox 2.0 is that it sorts emails into meaningful categories, automatically splitting emails into Personal, Notifications and Newsletter folders - ensuring that you see emails from real people at the top of your inbox. This allows you to focus on the important things and address Notifications and Newsletters with ease at a time that suits you.

Our new Home Screen (Desktop) encourages users to set focused email sessions to reduce context switching and find a more focused email routine. In a world overflowing with distractions, Spark is designed to filter out the noise and foster a more productive you.

Reaching Inbox Zero

The heart of Spark’s philosophy is reaching Inbox Zero by developing intentional habits. The updated design focuses on a proactive approach that doesn't just aim to reduce your email count to zero but to minimize the stress and clutter that comes with a crowded inbox.

This brings us to Spark’s methodology for reaching Inbox Zero - using Mark as Done to archive completed emails and Set Aside to move less important stuff to the side for later. This system is at the core of Spark and encourages you to take an active approach to Inbox Zero. 

The Future of Spark

After introducing Spark Beta, we've paid close attention to the feedback from our community, integrating your preferred features from Spark Classic into the new Spark to better meet your needs and tastes. We’ve incorporated fan favorites like Templates and Integrations, and continue our work on including Labels, Calendars, and Team tools.

Spark has always been at the forefront of email innovation, and with Spark +AI we were amongst the first email applications to explore the new horizons of AI. These tools have quickly become our most popular update for users, who can now leverage AI to Compose and Summarize emails and fill out Templates based on the contents of their communications. There are more +AI updates to come, so keep an eye out!

We are always eager to see user feedback and were happy to stumble across some in-depth reviews from loyal Spark users. Check out why Tech with Dom returned to the new Spark, or read our official blog for a full overview of the new Spark

*If you were a Spark Classic user before October 4, 2022 then rest assured that you keep all the tools you used for free in the new Spark. If you’d like to explore our new Premium options, you can try a free trial for 7 days.

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