What’s New in Spark: Send the Same Email Again and Use Avatars on Mac

Tl;DR – Spark email for iOS and Mac now lets you resend an already sent email to a different person. This update also features much-awaited avatars on Mac, and more.

We’ve prepared a bunch of improvements to enhance your email experience on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Update Spark now, and let’s see what’s new!

Resend an email

Sometimes you may need to send an already sent email again. It happens if a recipient has lost your previous message, an email bounced as undeliverable, or you typed a wrong email address. You also may want to resend an email to a different person, just by tweaking a few details.

Simple forwarding isn’t the best option, as it adds a header to your message with a sender, date, and recipients from the original email. The only tiresome alternative is to copy-paste text to a new email, fill in the subject line and attach the files again.

Now, Spark has an option to resend an email with a few clicks, saving you a ton of time. Open a sent email, tap … More and select Send Again. A composer with your original message, with its formatting, subject line, and attachments will pop up. Just add a recipient, and your email is ready to send.

The Send Again feature is available in Spark for iOS and Mac.

Inbox with avatars on Mac

This fall we’ve launched the all-new Spark for iOS, and avatars have become one of your favorite improvements. Many of you have been asking for the avatars support on Mac, and it’s finally here! Now, you can breeze through your emails faster and quickly spot the most important messages.

Turn on avatars under Preferences > General > Appearance > Show avatars. You can enable avatars just in your inbox, in the email viewer, or both.

Hide accounts from the unified inbox

Spark shows emails from all your accounts in a handy unified inbox, so you can quickly check all the new messages. But sometimes you don't need all your email accounts to show up there.

Let's say you have 3 different accounts: Your work email, your personal one, and a shared account managed by someone from your team. You're actively using the first two accounts while checking the third one only occasionally. Now, you can hide it from the unified inbox while still having access to it from the sidebar. This is a great way to declutter your inbox and make sure you see only the most relevant emails. 

Here's how to hide an account from the unified inbox:

  1. On iOS, go to Settings > Email Accounts, select an account and disable the Show in Unified Inbox toggle.
  2. On Mac, open the Spark Preferences > Accounts, select an account and untick Show this account in Unified Inbox.

You can still tap the name of your account on the sidebar to see its emails.

We’re eager to listen to your feedback on this update. When do you usually need to resend an email? How do you like the new avatars on Mac? Share your thoughts in the comments or ping @SparkMailApp on Twitter. 

Get Spark for iPhone & iPad or Spark for Mac and let us know what you think!

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