My Writing Style drafts +AI emails in your unique voice

Spark +AI introduces an update that will personalize your +AI assisted drafts. My Writing Style allows you to draft emails in your unique tone, making it a more efficient and personal AI writing assistant. This includes matching your personalized greetings and sign-offs, matching the pacing of your emails, and using commonly used terms if you’re in a technical field or prefer certain phrases.

Spark’s default setting will still just use your selected tone and length preferences, but you can enable this tool anytime through the What's New, Settings, or Onboarding Screens. When you activate this tool it analyzes several samples of your recent emails, learns your writing style, and applies it to all new drafts you generate with Spark +AI - all while adhering to Azure OpenAI's privacy standards.

With this update, My Writing Style has you covered, learning the special way you put together sentences and make your point. So if you're swamped with meetings and deadlines, let Spark +AI be your personal email assistant. It keeps your professional emails sharp and on-point and ensures every message echoes your personal tone. Plus, the +AI drafts are going to feel like you from the get-go, so you'll barely need to tweak them, saving you a bunch of time.

Experience the power of My Writing Style and revolutionize your email productivity today. Try out Spark +AI with a 7-day free trial →

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