Integrations for Desktop: connect your favorite apps

Manually transferring content to your favorite apps can be time-consuming and inefficient. With Integrations, you can now connect your preferred apps to Spark, transferring content faster and more efficiently. 

There are many useful applications with Integration's simple interface that allows you to finish processing tasks within seconds. Maybe you'd use a note-taking app to create and organize notes with ease - by exporting important emails you can maintain a centralized folder of extracted information, making it easily accessible for future reference.  

To set up Integrations, head to the Integrations tab within Spark Settings:

  • Click on Connect to pair Spark with your preferred application
  • You will then be presented with an authorization pop-up, to fill out your app details
  • Your Integration can now be accessed through the Command Center or as Swipe Actions.
  • You can also Disconnect your chosen app from Spark Settings at any time.

Connect your favorite apps

Integrations allows the convenience of creating tasks without leaving your email or switching between applications. As a productivity boost, it saves you from distraction because you can stay in, or out of your inbox. Integrate with all the tools you love, making Spark a hub for all your productivity needs. Check the compatibility of Integrations with your devices below:

Task and Project Management

  • Windows: Asana, MeisterTask, TickTick, Todoist, Trello
  • Mac + iOS: also integrate with 2Do, OmniFocus, Reminders, Things

Note-taking and Organization

  • Windows: Evernote, Instapaper, OneNote, Pocket
  • Mac + iOS: also integrate with Agenda, Bear

Cloud Storage and File Management

  • iOS only: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive

Online Meetings and Video Conferencing

  • iOS only: GoTo, Zoom 

*Android Integrations are in development and coming soon.

Effortlessly transfer content

Once you have an Integration connected, you can transfer emails to integrated apps through the Command Centre or as a Swipe Action:

  • When using the Command Centre, type in “Save to…” and you will be presented with all your Integration options.
  • If you want to set a Swipe Action to a commonly used Integration, you can do so in the Swipe Settings.
  • Once you have selected the desired Integration through the Command Centre or Swipe Action you will be taken to an export window within Spark that shows the integrated apps set up preferences, such as: attachment type, access settings, due date etc. 

With Integrations you can connect your favorite apps and effortlessly transfer content. Save valuable time on all your project management and organizational tasks. Try out Integrations today with a 7-day free trial →

*If you are a customer who registered before October 2022 when we launched Spark 3, then Integrations is free for you on all platforms.

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