+AI Summary: get to the point with instant insights

Keeping up with your email inbox can be a daunting task. It's easy to miss important information buried within long messages or get overwhelmed by a long thread of emails. Fortunately, we understand, and we've got a solution with +AI Summary. 

+AI Summary is our newest tool, designed to quickly and effectively summarize long emails and threads. It helps you to get instant insights at a glance and understand what needs to be done and which action points are required in one go. You can choose your preferred Summary style from within the settings:

Short: generates a short summary of 1-2 paragraphs 

Detailed: a suitable option for longer emails and multiple email threads

Action Points: the action points you need to address within the email

You can even set automatic summaries for preferred senders.

Read less. Do more.

With +AI Summary you can quickly grasp key information, action items and essential points: 

Long threads: ideal for a range of users from CEOs who can easily receive up to 200 emails per day, to students collaborating on projects. Using Summary is ideal if you need to quickly grasp the key issues and action points in a long email, and condense a historic thread.

Newsletters: whether it’s Apple News or Reuters, you can use Summary to highlight key points, and make an informed decision about which newsletters you save for a proper read.

Customer support: if you handle customer queries, you can instantly get to the heart of an enquiry or complaint, and generate a response with speed. 

Regardless of your needs, +AI Summary can help you make the most of your inbox by delivering instant insights from your emails and threads.We’re continuing to develop our +AI tools to cater to all kinds of email needs so keep an eye out for future updates. 

Ready to streamline your inbox management? Say goodbye to email overwhelm and hello to productivity. Try out +AI Summary with a 7-day free trial →

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