Spark Email: Year in Review 2018

The last twelve months have been nothing short of amazing. The team behind Spark has managed to deliver an incredible lineup of features and updates in 2018, and we’ve received terrific reviews from you – Spark’s amazing users. Your love and support are what drives us to do better with every release, and 2018 truly wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for the amazing year! 🎅

You've been super productive this year 

Speaking of all our Spark Mail app users, you’ve all been super productive over the last twelve months. We’d like to take this opportunity to share some incredible numbers from 2018.

All these numbers above are excellent examples that show us that collaboration is a big thing going forward. Working together, we can achieve more goals, get productive, and get a lot more work done faster in 2019 working as a team.

Now, let's quickly review all the great events we've gone through together this year. 

1. Spark for Teams

Spark for Teams was our most ambitious release in 2018 and it was packed with some of the biggest features Readdle has ever shipped. After four years of building the best personal email client for anyone who has to work with email, we set our eyes on radically improving the way teams work with email. With Spark for Teams, you can experience a much-improved way to communicate and get things done in a team.

Spark for Teams allows to discuss an email privately within the app, draft and collaborate on an email together, share an exact copy of an email with other members without manually forwarding it, and even create a web-link of any email to be shared with people outside the organization.

With Spark for Teams, Spark has become the best personal email client as well as an incredible tool for teams alike.

2. Dark Mode and Conference Call Integration

Right in time with the release of macOS Mojave that brought along a system-wide Dark Mode for the Mac, we released an update to Spark that introduced a beautiful Dark Theme crafted by our designers.

For our users who often have to be on conference calls, this release also added integration with three of the most popular — Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and Anyone who lives by their calendar, schedules meetings or joins conference calls on a regular basis had to leave Spark and open Google Calendar to join the call or schedule the meeting using services like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or Zoom. Now, you can easily add conference call links to events and see embedded links in existing events to join conference calls without ever leaving Spark. 

3. Siri Shortcuts

Barely a month after shipping the Dark Mode and Conference Call integrations, we shipped a major update to Spark that introduced Siri Shortcuts on iOS 12. 

With the introduction of Siri Shortcuts on iOS 12, Apple opened the doors to automation and set the stage for a whole new set of opportunities to help us make the things we do routinely much more easier. Spark has taken full advantage of these features by introducing a set of Siri Shortcuts that help you do your email work faster and easier. Using the Siri Shortcuts in Spark, you can Open any Folder, Search for Email and Compose New Emails with a simple voice command from anywhere in iOS.

These set of features have been designed to radically improve your productivity and we hope you’ve been liking them.

4. Email Templates

In the very same month, we introduced the Email Templates feature in Spark. These templates let you write an email once and then reuse it again and again, as many times as you want. With Spark Mail app, you can create reusable blocks of text that you can include in an email with a few simple clicks. You can even specify placeholders, which are then replaced by actual values when the email is being sent out. The templates feature is great for Spark users who have to respond with the same type of emails as part of their jobs, and it is designed in such a way that it is intuitive and slick from the get-go.

The motivation to design, build and ship these features is driven by the love and support of all the Spark Mail app users, and everyone here at Readdle thanks you for an amazing 2018! 

A sneak peek of 2019

Of course, we aren’t slowing down our momentum in 2019. We’ve gone a lot of improvements and features planned for Spark in the coming months, and we’re excited to see how professionals and teams make their email experience faster and easier with Spark.

2019 will bring you a lot more. The new features that will boost both personal and team email workflows, a new look, and expansion to new platforms. 

Thank you for your trust. We hope all of you have had a fantastic year in 2018, and wish everyone a very productive and successful year for 2019. Next year we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations and build the email that you love. 

— The Spark Team 


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