7 Reasons Why Spark Mail App Makes the Best Inbox by Gmail Alternative

Inbox by Gmail was Google’s ambitious and revolutionary attempt at redefining the whole inbox experience when it comes to email. The service, announced 4 years ago, offered its users a completely different user experience compared to the traditional email inbox. This was an experiment by Google to set aside the commonly seen annoyances and difficulties in using a typically cluttered email inbox. Over the last 4 years, Inbox by Gmail has gathered its fair share of users & fans, and if you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’re one of them.

As you may have already heard, Google announced this week that they would be shutting down the Inbox by Gmail service in March 2019. While the company says that they’ve added many of the features from Inbox by Gmail into the native Gmail experience, the overall experience with Gmail still feels old and cluttered. To make matters worse, Google introduced a whole new design and UX a few months ago that isn’t going well with many Gmail users.

Google Inbox by Gmail Alternatives

Since Google will be shutting down the Inbox by Gmail service in March next year, the app and website will stop working for all users. If you’re looking for the best Google Inbox by Gmail alternative, look no further than Spark Mail App — Readdle’s revolutionary email app that is redefining how you use email. Spark email app offers all the incredible features that Inbox by Gmail was notably known for, with many other great features up its sleeve. You can easily switch from Inbox by Gmail to Spark and continue using all the features you love and use frequently.

Spark Mail app is a fantastic alternative for Inbox by Gmail and here are seven reasons why:

1. Smart Inbox, with Smart Notifications

Spark Mail app is one of the few email clients available in the market today that get a “smart inbox” right. With Spark Mail app’s Smart Inbox feature, your emails are automatically sorted and classified into pre-defined categories, so that it becomes easier for you to focus on all your important personal emails while keeping the rest of the clutter aside. Today, email inboxes are commonly overflowing with notifications emails from services, complemented by product marketing emails and newsletters. The Smart Inbox feature in Spark Mail app automatically separates this clutter away from your Personal emails, without any action required from you. 

Just like the magic of Smart Inbox, Spark Mail app also takes care of your notifications. With carefully tuned algorithms, Spark Mail app will only notify you about the important emails in your inbox. This way, your phone isn’t constantly claiming your attention and you can get more work done, without the fear of missing out on important emails on your iPhone or iPad. 

2. Batch Delete / Archive Multiple Emails Together

With the emails in your inbox automatically sorted and categorized for you using the Smart Inbox feature, Spark Mail app goes a step further and allows you to take action on emails in the same category with a single tap. Under the Smart Inbox settings, you can set a custom action such as Mark as Read/Unread, Archive, or Delete.

Then, with a single tap, you can perform this action on the emails under a category, such as automatically archiving all emails under the Notification heading. 

This is a great way to clear the clutter in your inbox and was one of the best things about Inbox by Gmail, which is sadly going away.

3. Send Later

Send Later is one of the most requested features when it comes to email clients today. To use Send Later with a Gmail account, you have to use a third-party plugin called Boomerang. There is no way to add this functionality into Inbox by Gmail, so you have to use Gmail for this.

On the other hand, the ability to Send emails Later is built natively into Spark Mail app, so you don’t have to bother with any external plugins or configuration steps. Simply click on the Send Later icon, pick the date and time you want to set, and click on the ‘Schedule’ button. Your email is automatically scheduled and Sent Later, even if the Spark Mail app is not running on your device.

4. Quick Replies

Quick Replies is another one of the features that Spark Mail app handles exceptionally well. It features the ability to quickly reply to an email with a single tap, using predefined and customizable strings. You can create and edit these strings if you want, and even choose with icon goes with each reply.

Quick Replies in Spark are a great way to acknowledge an email or respond to it, without having to type out an entire block of text. Quick Replies is a native feature of Spark Mail app and with their help, responding to emails will no longer be a chore you want to avoid. 

5. Follow-Up Reminders for Emails

You know all those times when you’ve wanted to follow-up with someone, but totally forgot? Or maybe you just lost track of all the follow-ups you have to make because sending out emails is a regular part of your job? Don’t worry, Spark Mail app is here to help you.

Spark Mail app comes with a Follow-Up Reminders feature, which is a nifty way to be reminded about follow-ups to all the emails you’ve sent out. Just like the Send Later feature, you can pick the exact date and time when you want to be reminded on, and Spark goes to work in the background. If you haven’t received a reply from the recipient till the date and time you chose, Spark will automatically move the email back to your inbox and remind you to follow-up.

Pretty cool, right? 

6. Snooze Emails without Google’s Inbox by Gmail

What good is an email client that doesn’t let you manage your emails better? Spark Mail app offers a simple way to clean up the clutter of your inbox by allowing you to “snooze” low-priority emails for action later. When you Snooze an email with Spark, it is automatically moved away from the Inbox and returns to it only on the date and time that you choose.

The ability to Snooze emails was one of the favorite features of Inbox by Gmail and with Spark Mail app, you don’t have to say bye-bye to it. You can continue snoozing emails on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac with Spark Mail app and let it handle the big task of decluttering your inbox.

7. BONUS: Use Inbox by Gmail Features with a Non-Gmail Account

Unlike Google’s Inbox by Gmail service, which as the name suggests, is limited to Gmail and G Suite accounts, Spark Mail app by Readdle works with email accounts of all major service providers like Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, and more.

This makes it possible to use all the features from Inbox by Gmail from any of your email accounts that Spark Mail app works with. Just set up your email account in Spark and get going.

What’s more, Spark is also designed to work with groups and teams of people. With Spark for Teams, you can use all of the features detailed above with your team members, and at the same time, take advantage of all the exclusive team-focused features such as the ability to draft an email together using Shared Drafts, the ability to Share & Discuss Email together with your team by leaving internal comments on an email, and many other fantastic features offered by the app. 

As you can see, even if Google is shutting down Inbox by Gmail, Spark is all set to have your back. All of Spark’s features have been thoroughly tried and tested by millions of our customers, and unlike Google, this isn’t an “experiment” for us. 

Spark Mail app offers an incredible set of features to manage your email better and is by far the best alternative to Google’s Inbox by Gmail service. Spark is available for Free on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, with an Android version shipping very soon.

Get Started by downloading Spark Mail app for free and experience the best of Inbox by Gmail features, and a lot more. 

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