Introducing Email Delegation in Spark — Android Support Added

TL;DR: With the new Delegation feature in Spark, you can delegate email to a specific person, set a deadline and be notified when it’s done.

Update: Email delegation is now available on Android. Update Spark to version 2.1.0, and let's learn more about this new feature.

Email is a critical tool in our work lives today. It doesn’t just enable inter-office communication, but also allows employees to interact with anyone outside the organization. Emails from clients or vendors, notifications from SaaS websites, billing reminders, etc. are all part of our daily work lives today.

However, there are many emails that we receive in our inbox that we don’t have to deal with directly, but we are still responsible for them and keeping up with their status is part of that responsibility. Managers receive emails that need to be handled by their team-members, CEOs get emails that they have their assistants taken care of, marketing managers get emails that they forward to the sales teams, and product managers get emails that they have to delegate to their support staff. Getting emails and delegating them to others in the team is a daily part of our routines, yet the traditional way we’ve been doing it has always been cumbersome and cluttered.

Spark Mail app has been improving the email experience for everyone for years now, and the recent introduction of Spark for Teams has reinvented the way teams interact around email. Today, Spark is introducing an advanced new way to delegate email to anyone on your team. This feature is available for all Spark for Team Premium users. If you haven’t created a team on Spark yet, getting started is easy.

Assign Responsibility by Delegating Email

With Spark for Teams, you can delegate an email that needs to be taken care of by someone else on your team. When you delegate an email to someone, they will immediately see the email message in their inbox and they can start working on it right away, just like they would with any other email message.

A delegated email in Spark for Teams works like any other email, so you can even add private comments and have discussions with your team under the original email content. Need to get someone’s attention on the team? You can even @mention them.

Set deadlines 

Meeting deadlines when working as a team is critical, and you can even add due dates to delegated emails in Spark. This helps your entire team stay on track with upcoming deadlines, and managers can ensure that no one misses any important emails in their inbox.


When you delegate an email, you can choose whether you want to follow any updates to the email thread or whether you only want to get notified if someone needs your help. Spark for Teams offers a handy “Mute Conversation” toggle that lets you follow all of the updates to the delegated email or delegate an email and forget about it until it’s closed.

Better than forwarding emails

The main benefit of the Spark Delegation over the traditional way of forwarding emails is that you don’t get lost in a clutter of countless fw:fw:fw messages and can easily keep track of what you assign to others. 

The sidebar will now display a new ‘Delegated’ folder that gives you one-click access to all delegated emails and their status.

Mark Email as Closed

When your team members have finished working on an email that you’ve delegated to them, they can mark the email as closed and once this happens, Spark notifies you as the owner of the original email message. This is a simple and effective way of staying in the loop when as task you’ve assigned is completed by your team.

Ready to delegate your first email?

Check our guide: How to delegate an email in Spark

Great for CEOs, founders, and managers

Today, in most work environments, when there is an email that comes in and has to be handled with someone on the team, a manager or senior will manually forward the email, then message them on Slack, then create a reminder to follow-up with the team-member, create a calendar event or a task in their favorite To-Do app with a deadline and then manually keep a track of the status of task. 

With Spark for Teams, all of the above has been streamlined into a single-window workflow wherein you can delegate an email, have private discussions with your team members and add due dates all within the same Spark Mail app window. 

Delegation is a part of Spark for Teams. In other words, to start using it, you have to create a Team first. It’s a premium feature that people can try for free with 10 free active delegations per team. If a team exceeds this limit it will have to buy Spark Premium for $7.99 per user per month.

Email delegation works across all three platforms (Android, iOS, and Mac), so your team can collaborate no matter the device they use. For example, you can easily delegate an email from your Mac, and your colleague can handle it on their Android

Spark for Teams goes a long way in saving your team’s time, money, and makes them far more productive so that they can focus on the important things, rather than wasting time on managing the clutter in their inbox.

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