Spark Now Lets you Change the App Font Size and Adds Templates Improvements

TL;DR. Now, you can change the font size of Spark on iPhones and iPads and add people to the TO, CC, and BCC fields while creating email templates. 

Even while staying at home, our entire team works hard to provide you with an effortless email experience. This update features some important accessibility and templates improvements many of you have been waiting for.

Update Spark on the App Store, and let’s dive in!

Change the font size of Spark on iOS

Finally, you can change the font size of Spark’s UI to truly personalize your experience. Many of our users were requesting this improvement, and we’re delighted to ship it. Some of you were asking us to make the app font smaller so more content can fit on the screen. At the same time, others voted for a larger font to make emails easier to read. Whatever you prefer, Spark now adapts to your needs.

To change the system-wide font size, go to your iPhone or iPad Settings > Display and Brightness > Text Size. Spark will fetch the settings and adjust automatically. 

CC/BCC people in email templates

As a professional, you may need to frequently send similar emails to the same people. These can be regular invoices for your clients or weekly updates for your manager. When there are lots of people in the CC/BCC, it’s easy to forget about someone the next time you send such an email. That’s where enhanced templates in Spark help you save time and regain your peace of mind.

While creating a template in Spark, you can fill in the TO, CC, and BCC fields right away, without doing it manually later. Then, you can apply a template with a single click, and Spark adds all the people who need to receive your email. This makes you blazingly fast when it comes to dealing with repetitive emails.

This update is available in Spark on iOS and Mac. To edit your templates, navigate to Settings > Email Templates on your iPhone or iPad or Preferences > Templates on your Mac.

Other enhancements

This Spark update features lots of small fixes that you may not notice, but which add up to making your email experience a lot better.

Here are some of them:

  • Improved HTML email rendering. All your newsletters now look perfect and won’t get corrupted.
  • Better notification logic. We’ve fixed an issue where you received duplicate alerts for already read emails on multiple devices.

We’re eager to hear your feedback on this update. Share your thoughts in the comments or ping @SparkMailApp on Twitter.

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