Spark for Android Gets a Better Design, the Send Again Feature and Printing Options

TL;DR: The new Spark makes it a lot easier to read and act on emails, lets you customize email actions on the toolbar, send the same email again, print emails or save them as PDF, and more.

This update features important design improvements to make Spark even more intuitive and easy to use. 

Update Spark for free, and let’s dive in!

New modern design

With Spark email app, we’re on a mission to help you spend less time in your inbox and provide you with an effortless email experience. That’s why Spark’s email viewer has got a complete redesign for a clean, modern, and beautiful look & feel. We’ve gotten rid of unnecessary UI elements to declutter your email threads and make it easier for you to focus on the email content. 

Customize Email Actions

Spark now lets you select which actions appear at the bottom of an opened email to fit your workflow. You can pick up to 6 actions and rearrange them in any order you like. Do you prefer “Snooze” over “Archive?” Want to print emails with a single tap? This all is possible with the new Spark. 

To customize email actions, open the Spark Settings > Email Viewer > Personalize toolbar. Alternatively, you can tap More… in the email viewer and select Edit toolbar. Here, you can add any actions you wish and rearrange them with drag & drop. Accidentally deleting an email is no longer a threat with Spark!

Print emails or save them as PDF

Many of you have been asking for this feature, and it’s finally here. Now, you can print important emails right from Spark. You can decide if you’d like to print only the latest email, or the whole thread. Let’s say, you’re a designer who had a long discussion with your clients. You can print the whole email chain to have all their design revisions at hand and check them off on paper.

Spark even gives you an option to print a thread with all the private team comments, so you have more context while referring to this email later. For example, when you troubleshoot a customer’s issue, you can also print the developers’ comments with technical details.

For those who prefer keeping everything in a digital form, Spark lets you save emails as PDFs. In this way, you can easily share an email with someone, add it to a CRM, or store it on your hard drive.

How do you print an email or save it as PDF? Open the desired message, tap More… and select either Print or Save as PDF. That’s it!

Send email again

Do you need to resend an already sent email? It may happen if a recipient has lost your previous message, an email bounced as undeliverable, or you typed a wrong email address. You also may want to resend an email to a different person, just by tweaking a few details.

Simple forwarding isn’t the best option, as it adds a header to your message with a sender, date, and recipients from the original email. The only time-consuming alternative is to copy-paste text to a new email, fill in the subject line and attach the files again.

Spark now has an option to resend an email with a few taps, saving you a ton of time. Open a sent email, tap … More and select Send Again. A composer with your original message, with its formatting, subject line, and attachments will pop up. Just add a recipient, and your email is ready to send.

See the online status of your teammates

Spark for Teams enables you to draft, share, and discuss emails with other people to get more done together. With today’s update, Spark lets you see the online status of your colleagues to improve your collaborative experience. 

Let’s say you delegate an email to someone or ask your colleague for help in the comments under the shared email. When can you expect them to reply? Just tap on a teammate’s avatar to see if they’re available online or when they were last active. For example, if a person has been away a while, it makes sense to share the email with another teammate who can get back to you sooner.

We hope you’ll enjoy this update and love your email even more. Our entire team is eager to hear your feedback. Do you like the new threads design? Which email actions did you add to the toolbar? When do you usually need to print emails? Ping @SparkMailApp on Twitter or share your thoughts in the comments. 

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