Spark for Android Gets an Inbox with Avatars, Customizable Sidebar, and Lets You Create Folders

Spark for Android introduces an update to help you navigate your inbox faster and organize your emails for enhanced productivity.

Update Spark for free, and let’s see what’s new!

Avatars in your inbox

Much loved by our iOS and Mac users, avatars make their way to Android. With people’s photos or companies’ logos in your inbox, you can breeze through emails faster and instantly see what’s important. To use avatars, open Settings > Themes and enable the Show Avatars toggle.

New customizable sidebar

Spark gets a fresh new sidebar to help you organize your folders the way you want. The sidebar is fully customizable: You can add and reorder any folders as well as remove the ones you don’t need. This works for both the system folders like Pins or Archive and the ones you created to organize your emails.

This update makes managing the sidebar a lot easier and faster. Now, you don’t need to dig into the app settings. Just tap Edit list on the sidebar to add or remove folders. You can also reorder them with drag & drop. 

The new sidebar also shows you the number of unread emails for each of your accounts, so you can quickly see which of them requires your attention.

Create folders right in Spark

Many of you asked for this feature, and it’s finally here. Now, you can create new folders and subfolders to keep your emails organized. Depending on your workflow, you may want to add folders for different projects or sort emails based on a deadline for your response. This is the perfect way to declutter your inbox and make sure you have quick access to the emails you need. 

To add a folder in Spark, select Edit List on the sidebar, scroll down to the bottom and tap Create Folder. Then, name your folder and select where to add it. Now, you can pin this folder to the sidebar for quick access. And if you’d like to create a subfolder or delete a folder you no longer need, Spark’s also got you covered.

Our goal with Spark is to make you love email again and provide an effortless email experience that fits your workflow the best. We hope this update will help you customize Spark even more and become better at email.

Get Spark from Google Play and share your thoughts in the comments!

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