Not every job we would like to have exists at all. And it is said that around half of unfilled positions are not even advertised. This is where the speculative application comes in. If you are looking for a sample or need help with your cover letter, we have something for you.

Of course, you will still need the classic documents such as certificates and your CV - here, we are only talking about the email, which is the cover letter for your speculative application.

And if you are still looking for the ideal mail app, you can download and test Spark here for free.

Template Example

Subject: Unsolicited application as [...]

Hello [name of contact person],

I would like to introduce myself briefly: My name is [...], and I am currently working as [...] at [...].

I am [...] with many years of experience in [...], [...], and [...].

I am currently reorienting myself and came across you. Even though there is no position advertised at the moment, I would like to discuss with you whether you would like to grow in the area of [my expertise] and position yourself more broadly.

I have attached my CV and [other documents], and I would be very happy if we could talk in person or online.

Best regards,

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