How to unsubscribe from emails with Gatekeeper

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How to unsubscribe from emails with Gatekeeper

Are you tired of dealing with unwanted emails flooding your inbox? Do you wish to regain control over your email communication? With Spark you can essentially unsubscribe from emails and mass unsubscribe on your iPhone with the Gatekeeper tool. You get to decide who can and cannot email you. 

Using Gatekeeper to unsubscribe from emails

The Gatekeeper feature puts you in control of your email communications. It allows you to screen new senders and decide whether to accept or block them. The senders will not be notified if you choose to block them. By default, Spark accepts all senders except those you have previously blocked. 

To enable the Gatekeeper feature:

1. Open Spark  
2. Tap the drop down menu on the top left  
3. Open Settings 
4. Click on Inbox under the Personalization section 
5. Highlight the Smart 2.0 Inbox option 
6. Under Features select Gatekeeper, and choose the Gatekeeper Position you prefer.

Setting up Gatekeeper

Once you accessed the Gatekeeper settings, you can choose where the Gatekeeper tool will appear:

  • On top of the Inbox
  • Inside an email
  • Off

Tip: If you would like to bulk accept or bulk block new senders, select the “On top of the Inbox” option.

Using Gatekeeper

Once Gatekeeper is on, you will be asked whether to accept or block the sender every time somebody with a new email address emails you. The senders are not notified regardless of your choice. For them, it looks the same as if they have never received a reply from you.  

Note: Gatekeeper blocks email addresses but not other general domains such as or To block a domain, open the incoming email in Inbox (under the New Senders section) > tap the arrow next to the Block button and select Block NAME or Block all from @domainname.

Bulk accept or bulk block

Besides accepting or blocking senders separately, you can bulk accept or bulk block all the senders with just a few taps. To do so: 

1. Select Inbox 2.0 in the Inbox settings menu and choose Gatekeeper Position: on top of the Inbox.
2. In the Spark Inbox tap New Senders above the new sender cards or the … > Show All at the top right. 
3. At the top right, tap the thumb-up to accept all the senders or a thumb-down to block them.

Taking control of your email communication is crucial for maintaining a clutter-free inbox. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can unsubscribe from unwanted emails and utilize the Gatekeeper feature to manage your senders effectively. 

That’s how easy it is to filter and block emails on iOS devices. Download Spark for Free and enjoy a more organized and streamlined email experience on your iPhone.