How to print an email

Learn how to print an email for record-keeping or brainstorming. Tips on efficient printing from any device, including PDF options and selective printing.

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How to print an email

OK - it's 2024, why would you ever print an email? The need to print an email might be a rare occasion, but whether it's for record-keeping or a brainstorming session, knowing how to efficiently print an email can save you from frustration. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to print an email from different platforms and devices, ensuring your communications are always ready to be transferred from the screen to paper.

Tips for Efficient Email Printing

  • Print to PDF: If you're not ready to print physically but want to save an email in a print-friendly format, consider printing to PDF. This option can be selected as the printer in most print dialogs.
  • Be Selective: To save resources, only print the essential parts of an email. Most email clients and services allow you to select specific pages or sections.
  • Check for Attachments: If the email includes important attachments, remember to open and print these documents separately.
  • Use Print Preview: Always use the print preview function to check how the email will look on paper. This step can help avoid wasting resources on improperly formatted prints.

How to Print an Email: Step-by-Step Instructions

From Desktop Email Clients - Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail

  1. Open the Email: Navigate to the email you wish to print.
  2. Look for the Print Option: This can typically be found in the file menu or represented by a printer icon.
  3. Select Printer and Preferences: Choose your printer and any specific preferences, such as color, double-sided printing, or the number of copies.
  4. Print: Confirm your settings and click the print button.

From Web-Based Email Services - Gmail, Yahoo Mail

  1. Open the Email: Log in to your account and open the email you need to print.
  2. Find the Print Option: In web-based services, the print option might be within a more options menu (often symbolized by three dots or an arrow).
  3. Preview and Adjust Settings: A print preview window will typically open, allowing you to select your printer and adjust settings as needed.
  4. Print: Confirm your choices and click the print command.

From Mobile Devices

  1. Access the Email: Open your email app and select the email.
  2. Use the Share or Menu Icon: Look for a share icon (often an arrow pointing up out of a box) or a menu (three dots or lines), then find the print option.
  3. Select Printer and Settings: Choose your printer. Ensure it supports mobile or wireless printing and adjust any print settings.
  4. Print: Tap print to start the process.

Printing an email might appear to be a relic of the past, but you never know when the occasion might arise. Whether you're using a desktop client, a web-based service, or a mobile device, the process can be simple and efficient with the right approach. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your emails are printed perfectly every time.

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