How to delay sending an email on a Mac

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How to delay sending an email on a Mac

Are you looking to schedule an email to be sent later? With Spark, you have the option to delay sending an email, ensuring that it reaches recipients at the optimal time for them to read it. Spark supports delay sending for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, and all other supported account types.

Before we begin, it's important to note that your emails sync across all your devices, and scheduled outgoing emails will be sent even if Spark is closed. However, keep in mind that if you remove Spark from all your devices, the "Send Later" feature won't function. 

How to schedule an email to be sent later:

1. Start composing or replying to an email within Spark Desktop.
2. In full-screen mode the "Send Later" button is located at the top right corner of the email window. 
3. In the compact-view mode the “Send Later” button is located at the top left corner.
4. Click on the “Send Later” button to access the scheduling options.
5. Type in the desired time for sending the email or choose a specific time from the provided list. You can schedule emails to be sent up to 6 months in advance, giving you ample flexibility.
6. Once you've set the desired time, click the "Send" button. This action will move the email to the Outbox folder, where it will be stored until the scheduled time arrives.

Congratulations! You've successfully scheduled an email to be sent later using the "Send Later" feature in Spark Desktop. But what if you need to make changes to a scheduled email before it's sent? Not to worry, we've got you covered. 

How you can edit a scheduled email:

1. Open the Outbox folder, conveniently located on the sidebar within Spark Desktop.
2. Within the Outbox folder, you'll find all your scheduled emails.
3. Click on the email you wish and click the “Edit Draft” button to access its details.
4. To modify the sending time, click on the current time displayed at the top. This will allow you to adjust the scheduled time according to your preferences.

If you need to send the email immediately instead of waiting for the scheduled time, simply click on the current time displayed at the top and select "Discard Sending Later." Then, click "Send" to immediately dispatch the email.

Should you want to make other changes to the email content, click on the edit button represented by a pencil icon. If you wish to delete a scheduled email entirely, select the delete button represented by an "X" icon.

How to customize the Send Later time templates:

1. Open Spark Settings within Spark Desktop.
2. Within the Settings menu, navigate to the "Scheduling" tab and select "Send Later."
3. Here, you'll find various options that you can toggle on or off based on your preferences.
4. Activate the options you wish to see when scheduling an email.
5. Additionally, you can select the desired time for each option, ensuring that the provided templates align with your specific needs.

By following these simple steps, you can effectively delay sending an email using the "Send Later" tool in Spark Desktop. Take advantage of this functionality to optimize your email delivery and ensure your messages are received when they are most likely to be read. Remember, scheduled emails offer flexibility, convenience and control over your communication.