Snooze Emails

Temporarily removes an email for later so you can get back to it when the time is right.

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Snooze Emails

Snooze for later

Snoozing an email removes it out of your sight completely and makes it reappear in your inbox at a specific time.

Build better habits

Filter out the noise

Focus on what's important and cut out unessessary distractions.

Develop intentional habits

Build better work habits and nurture greater control over your workflow.

Discover true productivity

Harness the tools you need to achieve what’s important to you.

Smart. Focused. Email.

Snooze your way

Tune Snooze times to your workflow with options like "This Weekend" or "Next Month".

Secure and private email

Spark guarantees security and data privacy. Your data is solely used for product optimization and is never shared with third parties. Data storage and encryption is secured through Google Cloud service. Learn more.

Spark productivity with focused features

Our core features are designed to heighten your focus and allow you to create customized workflows that suit your needs. Truly master your inbox and get the most out of your day.

Priority emails

Highlighted so that you never miss an important message


Screen and block emails from unnknown senders

Group by Sender

Bundle emails from preferred senders for easy access

Mute threads

Mute threads that are no longer relevant
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Achieve beyond your inbox

Smart. Focused. Email.