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Meet the all-new Spark.

Spark for Teams

We do some of our greatest work as part of a team. Come together in a single inbox to discuss and compose emails, heighten visibility and improve team communication.

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Be better with email as a Team

Private in-line comments, shared emails and drafts reinvent the way we use email. Create, comment, share and get work done as a team.

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Shared Inboxes

Manage an inbox together with your team, assign emails and track their progress. Perfect for info@, support@ or contact@ email addresses.
Note: Gmail accounts support only.

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Create Email Together

Invite teammates to create emails together in real-time. Use real-time editor and a side-chat to talk to colleagues, ask questions and give feedback about the email.

Write email reports

Proofread sales pitches

Compile projects updates

Share and Discuss Email

Discuss specific emails and threads with teammates. Privately comment on an email to add context you need for a better response. Keep internal and external communication together.

Discuss customer stories with a team

Privately note important details for your team

Get help from expert on the team

Power-up your Team email 🚀

Revolutionary email team functionality on top of Spark features for
personal email will make you love your email again.

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