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Meet the all-new Spark.

Smart Inbox

A Smart Unified Inbox

Spark is much more than an email inbox. It's a smart unified inbox which collects all the emails from all of your accounts and automatically categorizes them for easy processing.

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Pin or Snooze Emails

With just a swipe, pin important emails to keep them handy. These could be tasks you need to do that day, or emails with important information. Swipe again to snooze them for another day.

Automatic Categorization

Spark is clever enough to know what type of emails you receive. The inbox automatically sorts new emails into personal, newsletter and notification boxes for easy processing, putting real emails from real people as top priority.

Shake to Undo

Accidentally pinned or snoozed the wrong email? Put the wrong message into Archive? Just shake your iPhone or hit 'Undo' to undo the last action.

Free download

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